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howl at the moon…



not got to get a finished picture sharon!


im sure we will bump into one another again..

going to be working at this….

fancy being tattooed in public?

throw me some ideas at

only a one day event so limited time available..

battle of britain

this is a couple of years ago but stil one of my favs…

nice one paul



ben came to me with the idea of the eternal struggle of good vs evil..

the finished piece is our collaboration…


thats just the thing about the struggle..

its never finished

it just goes on…

see ya soon bro

bio boy..


spent quite a lot of time with lance… i remember back in the day when he came in and

had a small couple of hrs piece of red text on his arm… fast forward a good few years a

next thing i know i look round in my studio and am confronted by this sight…

not all my work mind you but pretty good going mate…

cheers lance